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27 September 2015 @ 01:29 am
Writing journal. All works will be archived here. ♥

one shots // 单数
 light up my world; jongkey; pg
  (if only you saw what i could see)
 mirror mirror; jongkey; nc-17
  (room for one more?)
Nothing Gold Can Stay; jongyu; pg-13
  (one moment I have you, the next you're gone)
☆ Of Apples and Vacuums; jongkey; g
  (i'm sorry he's going through a dinosaur period where he likes to bite things)
☆ Of Jonghyun and Salmon; jongkey; g
  (you're lucky you're cute)

☆ Valley of the Dolls; jongkey; r
  (i saw you looking, did you enjoy the view?)
☆ Youth Knows No Pain; minkey; nc-17
  (come on honey give yourself completely)

chaptered // 倍数
to learn by heart
☆ wine red heart; taekey; nc-17
  (the man was first attracted to the boy's long silky hair and willowy body)

 black coffee; taekey; pg-13
  (you know that you're not supposed to fidget when i inspect you)

the couches
  (Little did he know that the journey to see his name in lights would eventually be filled with dark hotel suites and shady bathrooms.)
☆ S'eteint Le Soleil (The sun goes out); key-centric; nc-17
  (Key panted quietly, head tilted forward.)

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