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27 September 2015 @ 01:29 am
Writing journal. All works will be archived here. ♥

one shots // 单数
 light up my world; jongkey; pg
  (if only you saw what i could see)
 mirror mirror; jongkey; nc-17
  (room for one more?)
Nothing Gold Can Stay; jongyu; pg-13
  (one moment I have you, the next you're gone)
 Of Apples and Vacuums; jongkey; g
  (i'm sorry he's going through a dinosaur period where he likes to bite things)
 Of Jonghyun and Salmon; jongkey; g
  (you're lucky you're cute)

 Valley of the Dolls; jongkey; r
  (i saw you looking, did you enjoy the view?)
 Youth Knows No Pain; minkey; nc-17
  (come on honey give yourself completely)

chaptered // 倍数
to learn by heart
 wine red heart; taekey; nc-17
  (the man was first attracted to the boy's long silky hair and willowy body)

 black coffee; taekey; pg-13
  (you know that you're not supposed to fidget when i inspect you)

the couches
  (Little did he know that the journey to see his name in lights would eventually be filled with dark hotel suites and shady bathrooms.)
 S'eteint Le Soleil (The sun goes out); key-centric; nc-17
  (Key panted quietly, head tilted forward.)

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