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18 May 2012 @ 06:57 pm
black coffee
Pairing: taekey
Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 352w
Summary: Taemin only aims for perfection. 
Notes: Set in the same verse as wine red heart. It would probably make the most sense if you read that first, but this can be a standalone on it's own. Inspired by this and this


The blond stops, jacket halfway on as he turns to look at the other boy. Taemin is frowning, mouth pursed downwards as he walks forward. He sets aside his mug of black coffee. 

"Yes Taemin-ah?" Kibum says quietly. He stands perfectly still, head bowed as Taemin reaches out to touch him. Taemin doesn't like it when he fidgets.

"Your look isn't perfect tonight," Taemin states simply. Fingers trace over the shell of Kibum's ears, gently sliding over the soft skin. He tilts the elder's face upwards, drinking in the slightly puzzled expression.

"It isn't?"

Taemin doesn't blink as he pinches Kibum's ears; Kibum lets out a quiet yelp. He doesn't blink because he knows the other loves it, that Kibum thrives off of being controlled just as much as Taemin loves controlling. 

To most others, Kibum is shamelessly cheeky, cutting everyone and anyone down with biting wit and even sharper tongue. But with Taemin he's well-behaved and docile, eyes rounded with compliance. Only Taemin gets to see him in this state.

"It isn't."

Fingers are now tangled into soft flaxen locks, mussing it up just to make the other boy look even more painfully alluring.Taemin's hands travel down the other's slim torso, pinching slightly here and there before resting on his crotch. He palms the elder, eyebrows quirking as Kibum bucks slightly into his hand.

Taemin smirks, amused at the blond's struggle to keep himself in control. Kibum's eyes had taken on a needy glaze, his breathing shallow and harsh. The battle is lost as Kibum leans into his touch, shifting desperately for more friction.

"Now, now. You know that you aren't supposed to fidget when I inspect you." A small whine leaves the blond's lips, desperate eyes glittering black.

"I suppose we can discipline you later. Off you go, go wild and paint the town red." He offers one more rough stroke before pulling the slight blond close. A tender kiss is pressed to the corner of Kibum’s mouth, and another to the inside of a pale wrist, where a small cross is tattooed.

"Now you look fucking perfect."

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